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~ 星光部隊軍官談台灣部隊 ~

Taiwanese army is completely different from other military, they never received various trainings at large plains or mountain. Their standard is stiff and conduct / doctrine is very weird. However after awhile you will understand this came from Taiwan's specialization in fighting crisscrossing terrain wars at designated towns and rural area. Because they are a defensive force and the entire western Taiwan is almost all this type of landscape, they are experts in maneuvering in this kind of terrain, finding supplies on the spot, and knowing almost all the streets inside out. To deal with Taiwanese army, you must know who is in charge at the company level. The weekly on duty officers are not necessarily the ones who could really solve the problems. Because Taiwan military also uses conscription, and the education is universal, almost all the lower rank officers and NCO squad leaders are filled by college guys, and these guys keep everything operational at the company level. Sometimes senior NCO squad leader is the one giving orders in the company, and could decide every thing. If you find the right person everything is done quickly. So operations of Taiwan military usually never follow the command structure, the downside is that sometimes it's very chaotic, the upside is that it's very flexible. Because Taiwan is an Island surrounded by sea, therefore relatively speaking air force is the best, navy is the second, and army is considered the least important. However in the army, if you look at the serial number, higher starting digit means stronger unit. Usually the worst is the Garrison brigade starting with a “one”, if you are training against this type of second line force then you got nothing to worry about. The most elite force is Special Warfare Brigade, Air Cavalry Brigade, and Marines. If you encounter these at the same joint training center, then even if you don't exercise against them the commanders will make comparisons - as the result you will get more enhanced trainings. New officers should remember several key points in exercises against Taiwan military. Taiwan is their place, it doesn't matter where you go, and they always will find someone who knows the local environment. Never forget this, even if you have maps you still won't be as familiar with the terrain as the Taiwanese. And because of this, Taiwanese could get fuel, hot food, and water easily. Even if they maneuver with you for a long distance, and your fuel are almost gone, you must assume their tanks are full. Because Taiwanese towns are very dense, there is a gas station every few kilometers. They will try to refuel even if it's against the rules, and the exercise referee will think this is justified and ignore your complains. Therefore you must always remember never to engage them when you are low on fuel or you will lose for sure. In addition, all the participating Taiwanese will bring regular clothing, so they could sneak out when the exercise is temporally suspended. Because of this, they could get hot food anywhere and any time, this is good for morale. After you ate hard ration for a few days, and saw them leaving empty lunch boxes with labels like Chicken/ribs/curry on the ground, you will feel depressed. And they will also send out non-uniformed guys for recon, usually riding the highly mobile civilian scooters. Because scooter is very common in Taiwan, you see them everywhere all day, you will not be able to tell who is recon. Taiwan is also a small place with high population density, other than high mountain you will see civilians, so it's impossible to take preventative measures. Therefore don't send out your recon with uniform, because our uniform rank is complete different from Taiwan and will attract notice wherever we go. Taiwanese adults all served before and could tell you are not Taiwanese army at a glance. After you leave, Taiwanese army could easily find out your whereabouts, direction, numbers, and equipments. Don't forget these civilians are also reservist, they are all veterans who participated in exercises before, and they cannot be compared to those civies that understand nothing about military in other countries. Taiwanese force stipulates no cell phone, but almost everyone has one. Every troop you encounter could be using his mobile phone to tell his platoon leader about the engagement. So don't assume their information flow and communication is slow just because you see them carrying old radio equipments, they still have their own smooth communication methods. For an example their superior could find out the latest location of the referee, and that is a major advantage in exercises. They will cheat for sure, and the cheating methods are excellent. You will see unknown civilian vehicles support them, unknown civilian mechanics repair breakdown vehicles, and unknown water vehicles resupply their water. So if you have a chance to use civilian supplies, don't let it go, and remember to let military supply officer get local currency, even if could not use civilian supply for exercise victory, at least everyone would be comfortable. According to rules you must avoid large city or town during exercise, but Taiwanese force will send their men in to resupply for sure, so you could do the same but must change into civilian cloths. Taiwanese artillery and armored force officers have ancient handbooks left by old veterans, and they only need to send in and launch the force. When you are still studying the maps and finding the best position to build defense line, they are already sleeping. I have looked at their records privately, and each important tactical position has four or five backups. Some of these are in continuous buildup during every exercise over the two decades, and it's not only shelter but also phones, restrooms, officer conference rooms and everything. So if you could get your hands on this, it will help a lot. If you want to win in an exercise against Taiwanese force, you have to remember the following. Always be cautious about their moving small forces, including recon squads. Because it's their place, they will certainly use terrain fully to ambush you, and it's very difficult to defend against. However their mobility isn't great, usually you could get rid of them by moving out of battlefield quickly. Their main force will not concentrate like other foreign military, because most Taiwan terrain could not fit an expanded division formation. This is the reason they changed from the division to brigade size force. So don't even think about fighting a decisive battle, they will not do it. The fighting will be small encountering battles one after another, be careful not to let their small force nibble you away unwittingly. Unfamiliar with this fighting style, if you follow strict rules of entering SOP alert mode whenever you engagement enemy, your troops will be very tired. Your ability to maneuver and stay alert will decrease, and giving enemy a chance to take advantage of you. Watch out for Taiwanese Military Police, they have the power to maintain military order and prevent improper conducts of serviceman. If they find any improper conducts at stations or on the road, they will write down your unit and name. Especially the stations, at every Taiwan station there is a MP office. Taiwanese soldier will be punished for sure if they got caught, our superior will decide according to different situations; But if commander thinks you violated the rules and disgraced Singapore, then the punishment will not be light, in order to show that the standard is strict. Taiwanese soldiers never wear uniforms during vocations for precisely this reason. If you have disputes with the locals, MP will handle them. (以下為中譯) 談完了馬來聯邦的軍隊,再來談台灣的部隊。目前星光部隊在台灣有多個基地, 去台灣輪訓的機會很大的。我個人去過台灣兩次,每次都是長達半年的輪訓,與 台灣部隊接觸頗多。去到台灣多數都會待在台灣南部的兩個基地,並且會下他們 在台灣島最南端的三軍聯訓基地與台灣的部隊一起聯訓。在基地是比較舒服的日 子,一但下了三軍聯訓基地那就辛苦了。遇過的台灣軍人也是很怕下聯訓基地的 。但是他們每一年半都會輪訓一次,而我們的星光部隊則是每個受訓梯隊都固定 會下一次的。 台灣部隊與別的部隊完全不一樣,他們沒有受過大平原作戰、山地作戰等各種的 的訓練。他們的編制僵化,行為準則非常奇怪。但是久了你就會瞭解會造成這樣 的情況是因為台灣部隊已經特化成只會打特定城鎮農村交錯地形的戰爭。因為他 們是守勢部隊,而且台灣整個西部就都是這樣的景觀,所以他們非常擅長在這樣 的地形運動,就地取得補給,並幾乎對所有的街道瞭若指掌。 與台灣部隊打交道,你要知道誰才是基層連隊管事的人。值星的軍官、軍士不一 定是真正能解決事情的人。台灣部隊因為也是徵兵制,加上教育非常普及,幾乎 所有的低階軍官、軍士班長都是大學生充任的,所以基層連隊是他們在維持運作 。有時候資深的軍士班長才是連隊運作發號司令的人,就能決定所有的事。找對 了人事情都能很快處理好。所以台灣軍隊的運作每每不按照指揮層級來,壞處是 有時候非常混亂,好處則是非常的靈活。 台灣因為是海島,所以部隊相對來說以空軍最為精銳,海軍次之,陸軍最為不被 重視。但是陸軍又以編號開頭數字越大的戰力越強。一般來而最差的就是1開頭 的守備旅,通常如果與這種二線部隊進行對抗演習那就沒有什麼好擔心的了。而 最精銳的就是特戰旅,空中騎兵旅與海軍陸戰隊。若與這些碰頭,那在同一個聯 訓基地裡,就算不進行對抗演習,指揮官也難免會比較,那加強訓練是免不了的 。 新進的基層軍官與台灣軍隊進行對抗演習有幾個關鍵要注意。台灣是他們的地盤 ,不管到哪裡,一個基層連隊中一定找的出幾個熟知當地環境的人。所以千萬不 要忘了這一點,你的部隊就算有地圖你還有沒有台軍熟悉當地地形環境。也因為 這一點,所以台灣部隊能輕易取得油料、熱食、水源。就算他們與你一起長程運 動,你的油料快光了,你也要假設他們的油箱是滿的。因為台灣鄉鎮密集,幾公 里就有加油站,他們一定會想盡辦法把油加滿,就算這樣違反演習規則他們也照 作不誤,演習裁判官也認為這事天經地義,不會理會你的抗議。所以切記當你油 料已經快用盡時,絕非必要不要與之接戰,否則必敗無疑。 而且所有參演的台灣部隊官士兵一定都會攜帶便服,便於在部隊暫停演習時溜出 去玩一下。但是也因此他們不論在何處,何時都可以弄到各種熱食,這對士氣是 有極大幫助的,當你啃了好幾天硬口糧,卻看到他們吃完移動後,丟了一地的便 當盒,上面寫著雞腿、排骨、咖哩時,士兵們是會很沮喪的。他們也一定會派出 著便服的人來偵察,他們通常會騎民人的機車,機動性極高,而且由於台灣機車 非常普遍,整天都有騎機車的人會在四處出現,實在無法分辦誰才是偵查兵。而 且台灣與我們一樣地小人稠,除了深山外實在沒有一個地方不會遇到民人,防不 勝防。因此別派出穿軍服的偵查兵,因為我們的軍服階級與台灣部隊完全不同, 走過的地方都會引人注意,成年台灣男子都當過兵,一眼就會發現你不是台灣部 隊,等到你離開,台灣部隊的偵查兵可能輕易在由民人的口中知道你的行蹤、去 向、人數、攜帶裝備,別忘了這些民人也都是後備軍人,他們都也是參與過演習 的老兵,不可與它國不懂軍事的路邊百姓相比。 台灣的部隊規定不能攜帶行動電話,但是幾乎所有的人都有行動電話。你遇到的 任一個兵都可能正用他的行動電話通知他的排長接戰情形,所以別看他們有的部 隊還背著舊型的無線電,就以為他們訊息傳遞慢,他們自有一套傳遞的方式,而 且流暢的運作著。比如說他們的長官就隨時都能掌握演習裁判官的最新位置,這 在演習中佔有極大的優勢。他們一定會作弊,而且手段高超,會有不明的民車支 持他們,會有不明的民間修車廠幫他們排除故障車輛,會有不明的冷飲車補充他 們的飲水,所以當你有機會可以利用到民間物資,絕對不要放過,行前要記得請 軍需官把手上的錢換成當地貨幣,就算不能利用這些民間物資幫你取得演習勝利 ,大家也可以利用這些錢過個舒服的演習。 演習中遇到較大的城鎮依規定要避開,但是台灣部隊一定會派人進入補足他們所 缺的各樣物品,所以你也可以作一樣的事,但是一定要換穿便服。炮兵、裝甲部 隊等的軍官則有以前老兵留下的千年手冊,指點他們以前演習時在台灣各地已經 建立過的良好陣地工事,他們只要把部隊開進展開就可以了。當你還在研究地圖 尋找建立防線的地點時,他們已經呼呼大睡了。曾經私下看過他們這些地點的記 錄資料,每一個重要戰術位置都有四五個備選陣地,有的甚至在二十年年來,每 次演習就不斷構築,不只掩體,連有線電話線路、廁所、軍官會議桌都一應俱全 。所以如果你可以先弄到這樣的資料,對你有極大的幫助。 要在對抗演習中打贏台灣的部隊,有幾點一定要注意。永遠小心他們四處流動的 小股部隊,包括偵查兵班。因為這是他們的地盤,他們一定會善用地形伏擊你的 。防不勝防。但是他們運動能力較差,快速移動脫離戰場通常可以甩開他們。他 們的主力絕對不會像它國部隊一樣聚集。因為多數的台灣地形容不下一個師展開 戰鬥隊型。這也是他們將師編製改為旅編製的原因。所以別想與他們所決戰,他 們也不會與你決戰。戰鬥是一場又一場的小型遭遇戰,小心不知不覺被他們的小 股部隊包圍蠶食。在不習慣這樣的作戰模式下,如果你照操典,一有接戰就進入 SOP的警戒模式,你的士兵會很累,很快運動能力與警戒心就會下降,讓敵方有 可趁之機。 小心台灣的MP(憲兵),他們有糾察軍人不當行為的權力。在車站、路上有不當行 為被捉到,會登記你的部隊、姓名,特別是車站,每一個台灣車站都有憲兵辦公 室。台灣的軍人被登記免不了要被處份,我們的長官則是會看你所犯的情節處理 ,一但長官覺得你真的是違記,丟了新加坡的臉,為了表示記律的嚴明,處份也 絕對不會輕的。台灣的軍人休假絕對不穿軍服,就是怕被MP找麻煩。萬一你在台 灣與當地民眾發生糾紛,也會由MP來處理。 (PS : MP為英文之~憲兵~) 星光部隊介紹 : 一九七五年,當時的新加坡總理李光耀與我行政院長蔣經國秘密簽訂星光計畫,派遣一支以步兵、砲兵與裝甲兵混編的陸軍部隊到台灣訓練,訓練基地包括屏東恆春三軍聯訓基地、雲林斗六砲兵基地與新竹湖口裝甲兵基地等。 星光部隊在台訓練,後來甚至擴展到海空軍,尤其是早年我國是東亞少數幾個擁有空戰模擬儀的國家,新加坡空軍飛行員常與我方假想敵中隊教官切磋戰技﹔至於星國海軍,過去常在高雄十三號碼頭停泊巡邏艦,左營軍港也有星國兩棲艦隊的蹤影,一旦星國有狀況發生,這些在台的星國軍隊,就成為反攻主力部隊。 二○○一年,台星兩國對星光計畫達成新的協議,除了過去就有的傳統部隊,包括星國主力戰車與鷹式防空飛彈等單位,也移到台灣訓練,不過,在二○○三年SARS疫情爆發後,星國政府緊急撤回為數五千餘人的星國部隊,疫情結束後雖然星光部隊陸續返台,但人數已經降到三千餘人。 近幾年來,新加坡陸續與周邊國家簽訂代訓的計畫,包括美國、法國、澳大利亞、汶萊與泰國等國家,因此,星光計畫對新加坡的重要性不若以往。中國甚至向新加坡招手,表達願意提供海南島當作訓練基地,星國軍官曾前往會勘場地,但在美國反對下,星光計畫在台灣還會繼續存在一段時間。